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Very prompt response to our inspection needs.  I was present during the entire inspection.  Mr. Roach was very accommodating and patient with my questions.  I was fascinated by the current technology he used in order to provide a very comprehensive and detailed inspection (Thermal Imaging infrared camera).  Following his inspection, he went through the specifics of the report thoroughly with me.  All interested parties had the report the same day!  That's GREAT service!!
Katy home inspection  Martha Burthold

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Buying a home in the Houston area is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make.  This is no time to shop for cheap Houston home inspections.  The cost of a home inspection in Houston is very small compared to the home being inspected.We are determined to perform home  inspections of the upmost quality, with integrity.  For a buyer, we make sure that they know and understand the problems about the home that they are purchasing.  

Anytime that you are purchasing a home, we understand that it is a HUGE investment.  Everyone involved needs to know every aspect of the property.  We take pride in providing home inspections in Houston.  The majority of our business is from client referrals and from real estate agent recommendations.  We work directly for the client.  Our job is to insure that the client understands every item that may be reported.  Our job does not end after the report is completed.  Should you have any questions months down the road, you are encouraged to give us a call and we will do whatever it takes to insure that you are completely comfortable with the property.

We are here to assist you in making a confident decision about your home. Whether you're buying a new home and want to be sure of what you're getting... or selling a home and want to eliminate possible problems that could delay or lose a sale. Or just want a professional to inspect and advise you on the condition and maintenance or safety recommendations of your current home, we are here to help...


We take color pictures of all the problems that we find during the home inspection. With color pictures this makes it easy for you to understand the problems that we find. Say a support needed to be added in the attic we can take a picture and put an arrow of where the support needed to be added. This way you (And all patries invloved) have a clear understanding of what needs to be done. After this we create a web page out of the inspection report so you can log in to the inspection report from any internet based computer (And all parties that are involved) This makes deliver of the reort fast and easy to read. No need for messy faxes or printing the inspection report and hand delivering it to all parties invloved.


In most cases our reports are deliverd on site. If we can not complete them on site they will be delivered the same day. We know that your time is short to have home inspections performed so we make it as fast and easy as possible.


We perform home inspections in the Houston and surrounding areas.
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For a limited time only we are including a basic Thermal imaging scan for FREE. Thermal imaging will help us find hidden moisture, missing insulation inside of walls, over heated electrical circuits, and much more.

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