Natural Gas Generator – Very Fuel Efficient

A natural gas generator is much more fuel efficient than a gasoline fueled one. There is also less chance of contamination of the ground and surrounding area. Typically with a gasoline powered generator the user is required to fill the generator up with fuel. It is not uncommon for some of the fuel to splash out of the container and wind up on the floor next to the generator or being spilled onto the generator. Spilled fuel can be dangerous for a couple of reasons. First it is a contaminant that can poison anything around it i.e.; grass, flowers, shrubs or if an animal should lick it. Secondly it can easily catch fire, it could even set the generator on fire if it is spilled on the generator and it is hot.

Another huge benefit is the lack of fumes. Gasoline powered generators emit quite a bit of fumes as it chugs along. These fumes are toxic and they smell bad. A natural gas generator has no smell at all.

Sizes and Models

There is an abundance of sizes available from the very small to the very large. It all depends on what they will be used for as to what size will be needed. In some cases a generator will have to run a whole house and the size is pretty impressive, but if it is to be used to just run a few appliances at once than the size is manageable.

Usually the larger sized models are most likely going to be stationary, that is they are mounted somewhere and are pretty much permanent. The smaller models are usually portable where they are able to be moved from location to location. Normally the portable models will have wheels for easy transport. The wheels typically lock in place when the generator is going to be used.


A natural gas generator will be required to be hooked into the gas line. This will require a pipe wrench. Once the line has been turned off the generator’s pipe can be attached and the gas line can be turned back on.

A plumber can be hired to get the proper fittings in place for a portable generator and can also permanently install the stationary model.

Natural gas generators power your products nicely. Natural gas generators are a great purchasing idea.

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